Greener on the faux side: Exploring faux foliage and greenery

Let’s talk greens! I am going to kick start today’s journal entry with a fun hear say fact I heard on a trek in Greece. I was deep in a forest, with slippery moss underfoot and surrounded by towering trees with no sky to be seen and I was admiring the endless greenery. A lovely lady I met that morning told me that out of every colour, green had the most shades visible to the human eye. That was it, green instantly became a whole lot more interesting!

It is true, I feel so calm and grounded in the presence of green, connected to the earth and closer to nature – perhaps tapping into my primitive self. Not at all surprising, that one of my biggest joys comes from styling faux greenery and filling the biggest vase I can find with branches of wild foliage. My home is full of faux greenery, bringing softness, fullness and life to every space (but without the bugs!). The wilder and more carefree looking the better, adding spontaneity (I just woke up like this vibe), vitality and a sense of fun. Artificial eucalyptus is universally adored, which looks fantastic styled as a bunch (en masse for impact) or even a single sprig can look effective. Greenery in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom – faux can be used anywhere with no additional scents or issues with moisture or heat.  Another important factor to think about is the vase, you can use the most makeshift vessels – jam jars, kitchen utensil holders, rustic buckets or baskets, I have even seen them styled in wellington boots, with no watertight container needed you can let your imagination run free.

‘Forest Flora’ is a medley of faux greenery, featuring stems of different shades, shapes and textures. Eucalyptus, ficus, ferns and laurel all styled in our showstopper glass blown Waterperry Vase. We have recently launched an additional foliage display called ‘Spring Greens’ – which celebrates our latest and very realistic populus branch. It even feels waxy to touch. This is the perfect stem to style en masse on its own, a single branch with many sprayed out leaves which gives it that wild look.