Faux Flowers – Where demand has never been more real

Faux flower arrangement

Call them artificial, silk, fake or faux –have you noticed how this interior accessory has boomed in the past few years? Styled in hotels, spas or even retail shops – you will spot an arrangement of faux flowers in most places.  

The market for faux flowers is back and wow they are looking better than ever! Why is this? A large thanks goes to the advanced production process which has come a long way but also equally due to the workmanship and handcrafted talent that has gone into creating the most exquisite blooms. Another player in this faux frenzy is due to the changing of people’s tastes. While we will always adore fresh flowers, a gift from nature, blessing us with their natural beauty, scent and presence, luxury faux flowers are now recognized for their role to play. 

Created as imitations of their ‘fresh’ counterparts, wilt free faux stems are the perfect solution for a whole range of modern day uses. Here are what some of our subscribers have to say – do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

I never ever thought about using faux flowers for my second home until I saw your greenery. I thought it was real foliage! Perfect green sprigs to keep down in my Cornish getaway home. We go there every few months and we go through this routine of closing down/ opening up every time. I love earthy eucalyptus which you cannot always pick up easily when out of season. Neutral in colour- I just move them around depending on what’s going on. On veranda when entertaining with friends and in lounge when we rent the property. I even add some fresh flowers or berries depending on the season. No issues with insects, wilting or odours.

Sarah H

Lilies are my favourite flower but I cannot stand the smell. Not helped by the fact I suffer from hayfever. All in all, lilies seem a bad flower to like…. their pollen has stained every top, every carpet too and I think they are also poisonous to cats? Going fake has been the best decision – I get to enjoy my lilies, I save my tops and the cat lives!

Becky H

I love fresh flowers but I am so busy, running after the kids, a dog, trying to work and keep the house looking at its best (which is near to impossible). I style artificial flowers in my hallway. It is a busy area and seen by everyone who steps in the house. With a permanent display, it reduces my anxiety knowing it looks fabulous and presentable. Added bonus that I don’t have to change the water or change the flowers. Gives me a happy feeling, being greeted by my faux flowers coming down the stairs or coming home late from the office.

Janet L

It is clear the benefits are known, uses are vast and demand is high. Next up is where to find the best quality faux flowers to invest in. We have just the place…look no further. 😉