Faux flowers to elevate your mood and wellbeing

Elevate your mood, wellbeing and interiors with Grace & Eden’s fine faux florals.

faux florals and health

Floral decor has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing (emotional, physiological and psychological) – this includes faux florals too! Surrounding yourself with nature and greenery helps us feel more calm and relaxed relieving stress and anxiety. Colourful flowers can boost mood and bring happiness creating a more optimistic environment. They can also help with your concentration, productivity and creativity – a perfect office or work place addition.

forever stems

Faux flowers are a sustainable option when considering floral decor. With their long shelf life they provide longevity, with the potential to be re-used, compared to fresh flower alternatives. Little maintenance is required to keep faux florals at their best therefore zero water consumption or waste. They also have a lower carbon footprint across their life cycle, with no refrigerated storage needs and reduced transportation therefore lowering greenhouse gas emmissions. Faux flowers do not need pesticides or other potential chemicals for their cultivation contributing to a healthier environment.

Artificial flowers displayed outside
Realistic faux flowers displayed in the workplace

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