How to make your faux flowers look realistic: Top tips

Faux flower arrangement

To create a realistic floral arrangement, the quality of stems has to be good across the display (one unrealistic stem can let the whole look down), the composition has to be well balanced (in stems you use, textures and colours) and that your stems are current with the seasons – unless peonies are your favourite flower then why not enjoy them throughout the dark long days of winter!  

CONSISTENT QUALITY: For a lifelike arrangement, the quality of the faux stems across the whole display is key.  This is particularly important if you are creating your own arrangement and purchasing stems separately. The secondary stems and foliage need to be of the same quality as the focal flowers. Finding a reputable floral brand is crucial especially if you are buying online to ensure the quality is consistent and reliable.

THE COMPOSTION OF THE DISPLAY: Unless you are displaying a bunch of tulips or lilies, fresh flower arrangements normally have an array of different flowers and foliage. To curate a faux display from scratch there needs to be thought around pairing of flowers, textures and colours. This is where purchasing pre-tied arrangements can be useful. When going to purchase fresh flowers at a market, there is normally a vast array of stems to choose from and a florist guide you on flower selections and combinations that work. This is missing when curating your faux flower designs.

THINK SEASONS: Displaying seasonal flowers at a different time of year to when they bloom in nature can be a telltale sign they are not real (such as Springs cherry blossom, Autumns golden beech leaves or early Summer’s peonies). Although some may argue that if they are your favourite flower then why not?! Have a read of our blog re. displays for all seasons to explore how you can tailor your faux designs all year round.